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Dave said that the hardest part about opening the shop is finding like minded barbers because it is becoming such a rarefied art. Along with Dave, both Nick Maga (Master Barber) and Christina Raymer {Cosmetologist}, work to make the shop successful.

Since 1987

Through the glass in the door, you can see, just about every guy you know, sitting on the perimeter, in a room with a black and white tiled floor. You reach forward and open, and you hear the familiar bell ringing. That's a sound that you've heard every couple of weeks since you could walk A few heads turn are look over at you, and the conversation ‘continues on and some of the other guys go back to reading As you walk the the room, the scent of talc and aftershave greet you.

Not too many places to get a haircut and a shave around anymore: Men are pretty much left to do it themselves. This may explain why some men prefer beards and why so many commercials on television are for electric, razors.

Owner of the recently opened Avon Barbershop, Dave Collins has been a barber for 11 years. He said, "When i was about 14 years old, | cut my friend's hair every weekend just playing around the clippers.then, one day i had the idea to make it official and get the license and go

 Dave likes to serve the local community, which Is in part why he chose to open his shop here in Avon. ‘( I want to be able to} provide a service that is kind of a dying breed these days to an area that is without that”

He said, “A thing of the past is definitely the straight razor face shave - hot steam towel, hot lather - lay back in the chair, just like grandpa used to get. That is the stuff you see In western movies now or something outdated.  We stilt offer that. It is an old- fashioned procedure that we've carried on to the modern world. [We have] a little more high-tech way of: doing the old way"

We wanted to know why is that something so difficult to find anymore - why has it disappeared? "The reason it is dying off over time has been the price. It takes a long tine to do a full-service straight razor shave. Many barbers feel like they don't have the time. We think it should be something that is in the barbering world, and we are going to keep it” Dave said.

Beard Trim

Men wore their hair short, and either parted on the side or in the middle.


The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming.

Sides Cut

The popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.


Seen many trends and styles come and go, safe to say we know what works for you and what won't.


Established in 2010, Proper Barbers have become a staple in the Indiana male grooming industry, find out why.

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Since its inception Avonbarbershop has been recognized on numerous platforms both online and print to be one of the most versatile and detail oriented establishments.


You'll leave Avonbarbershop feeling like you got more than you paid for!

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    Keep What You Want, & We'll Shave The Rest, Or All Gone. Beard Trim Included. Hot Lather & Hot Towel.

    Round Brush & Blow Dry Helps To Get Every Hair Combing Smoothly. Includes "Long Beard Trim" And Oil Or Balm Used.



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